About Us

Pearlgates was established as partnership of managers who decided, after serving for many years in the telecommunication industry in senior C-Level positions, to establish their own company with the clear vision to bring to their customers real value. As we believe that long lasting business relationships are the real keys for any successful company the spirit of partnership will stand behind any contract we close. We learned that fair trade and respect of your partners is essential to create a prosperous corporation.

 In 2018 we moved the business from Hongkong to Singapore in order to match the international requirements for a meanwhile much wider business field. Pearlgates is still doing well in Telecom, but we extended our business and cover now also the markets of Social media and Smart Home Solutions. In cooperation with technical universities we bring new and trend setting products on the market. Since 2013 we dedicate yearly 250.000 USD in the development of New Technologies.

Company Name: Pearlgates Associates Pte Ltd.
Company Address: 531A Upper Cross Street #04-95 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore
Contact: info@pearlgatescommunication.com
Trade Name: Pearlgates Communication (PGC)
Registration Number: Registration Number: 1879986